The More You Know

As a child, “The More You Know” slogan was on Saturday morning TV.  A child may not think too much about what that actually means. An adult, on the other hand, has experience to back that up. The phrase “I wish I would have known…” I used this phrase often during my earlier adult life. But you don’t know, what you don’t know.

In my working experience, I have heard too many patients and families say “I wish I would have known…I maybe would have changed…” That always broke my heart. Especially because I knew. And this made me feel like I was keeping something from them or others.

I know it wasn’t personally my fault. We are all responsible for ourselves but I knew that a persons health is a complicated matter. Not only is it complicated to fully understand the small intricate details that can throw the largest systems out of wack, the terminology is difficult, the science is always developing which causes prevention and treatment to be in constant change. In general, it is hard to keep up with.

I want to help you understand a variety health of topics. I want you to have knowledge so you are able to have conversations with your physician when you are in their office. With the hopes of leaving their with questions answered not more questions formed.

For example: What is health? “the state of being free from illness or injury; a person’s mental or physical condition.” You go to your family doctor. The doctor says at the end of the visit “you are in a good state of health.” Now that you know the definition of health you can understand this would mean you are free from illness or injury. However, if you doctor says this but you know that you blood pressure has gone up, you weight has increased, you are now checking you blood sugars daily- you have the knowledge to ask further as to what is meant by “good state of health.” A conversation is able take place.

The more you know…



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