Be here

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be where your feet are?” This phrase had me pause everything the past week. I was listening to another person share this phrase and it struck me like a bus. “I am terrible at this!”

I found myself in this exhausting cycle of thinking of the next thing to come then when it comes looking back and realizing I missed enjoying or being in the time when I was looking forward. So my mind is never present in the moment.

So for the past week I attempted to interrupt this cycle. It was hard! It was daunting! I felt like a failure so many times because I wasn’t preparing for the next thing or next step. I wasn’t allowing my thoughts to go there, so at the end of the day the next thing felt foggy.

That foggy future feeling brings on my anxiety and my control mode. And I am not much fun to be present with. But thankfully, I have people in my life that I can share these hard times. They will give me counsel. They will remind me of who I am and who I am not. They will call me on the phone to pray truth and peace into my ears. They will call me out to show up with I attempt to hide. They forgive me and continue to love me unconditionally.

We were created for each other. We all need people we can call on to help us see truth. To hold our hands and go with us into the fog. To remind us of who we are. These people also hold us accountable.

We need community. And we need to show up and be with our community.

Community may look different for each of us. I would include my family, friends, church, neighborhood, wellness group, writing group as all a part of my community. And when I am with those people, I want to be fully with them. This allows my needs to be met, along with being able to see the needs that others may have that I can meet.

I encourage you today, show up for your community. Be where your feet are. Tell yourself- “I am here now, so I will be here.”


Recipe to Share with your Community


2 avocados (ready to eat)

1/2 cup pico de gallo

1 cup salsa Verde

Tortilla chips

Fresh Veggies

Cut avocados in half. With a ready to eat avocado you can do this with a butter knife. No “avocado hand” please! Once cut, you can pull the pit out. You can peel the outer later off the avocado or spoon out the middle portion. Avocado should be a vibrant green, if there are any brown areas, I remove those before mashing. Place in serving bowl. Add 1/2 pico de gallo and 1 cup salsa Verde to serving bowl. Mash avocados and mix in pico de gallo and salsa Verde simultaneously. Mash to preferred consistency. Taste. Add more pico de gallo or salsa Verde as desired for taste or consistency preference. Set out chips in a bowl. Cut up fresh veggies and plate. Enjoy!






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