Happy New Year! Celebrate the in between.

New Year’s Day is full of intentions.

This year I will….

This year will be…

There is a lot of pressure on this specific 24 hours, this few weeks, or this first month.

Intentions are great! I love the idea and the practice of being intentional.

It means living life on purpose. Or as I like to think about it accepting the invitation to your present life and preparing for the future that may come.

But the problem comes with the drastic intentions we choose: this year I am going to exercise 6 days/week, this year I am going to lose that extra 20 lbs, this year I am going to read 40 books, etc…

For me it was “this year I am going to write daily on my blog.”

The extreme change from where we are right now to where we want to be without taking into account the space between and this sets us up for failure.

We still need to set that intention. Set that goal. But instead of going from 0 to 1000, we need to recognize the steps that come in between to get there. The in between is the life that happens. It is where growth and maturing occur.

The in between is the invitation today that leads to the future.

So I am moving my intention to: This year I will write regularly on my blog.

Yes it is not specific or measurable but it set the direction to make space in my days, weeks, months to get started. Once established into my routine then I can adjust appropriately.

This can be done for all of your intentions, goals, or changes you are wanting to accomplish. And don’t forget to celebrate all way!

What is your in between?

Arise, Come With Me

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