Don’t be afraid to start again

In the wellness and fitness worlds there is a phrase- “If you are tired of starting over, STOP QUITTING!” I get it, but what about when life is hard?

Leaning in toward thinking the best about people, people do not intentionally sabotage themselves. I tend to believe that people are doing the they best they can at a given time.

Yes, people often get in their own way. And yes, people tend to move toward the easy and to the numbing habits- but those are often as a result of real life.

“Work is stressful. I don’t sleep well”
“Kids’ schedules are hectic. I just want to sit in quiet.”
“Personally I feel beat up and I need space for to heal.”

Those are my personal feelings. Taking care of myself in this current season has proven to been challenging. I know all the right things to do and I know how to do them, but there is a paralysis in following through.

I share this to bring light to the shame that I feel in this reality. Not only did I workout daily and eat clean for almost 4 straight years with positive results to show for the effort but also I am a registered nurse with a background in cardiology.

It is not just heart disease that I am increasing my risk of by leading a sedentary life- but disease in and through all of body.

That is the risk.

Shame doesn’t care about the risk.
The hard parts of life is not worried about dysfunction in your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health.
So how do we move through the paralysis for our own good?

Try each day.

Even if you don’t move in the way you intended, can you go for a leisurely walk?
Instead of automatically reaching for that extra cup of coffee, can you drink 8oz of water before to see if that helps wake you up?
Instead of pouring that glass of wine after a hard day, can take a hot bath with Epsom salt and essential oils?

Thinking this through, maybe instead of saying “If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting,” we should instead “If you are tired of starting over, do it anyway.”

Shame does not change behavior, support and encouragement does. So if you are like me, struggling to start again, remember every small step in a positive direction is movement in the right direction.

My steps in the right direction look like: Participating in group restorative yoga on Sunday nights to start my week off in a positive direction. (This is week 2.) My goal is to wake up in the morning early enough to lift weights on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays with individual yoga flow on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The body movement plan is to coincide with a whole foods diet (the less processed the better). I do not expect perfection in this plan, but I do expect progress. And I am willing to give myself time and grace until I reach the habits I know will promote health within me.

Do you want to join me? Follow along on social media and right here on the Arise, Come with Me blog. Leave a comment to let me know you will be joining.

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