Made to Move

As the cool down portion of the workout begins, I am filled with gratitude for another reason to think positively of myself. And these thoughts are not related to my size or the way I look. My thoughts are of who I am as a human. My heart rate is up increasing the blood flow to my brain and the steady movement of my body allows by mind to slow. I am able decipher the difference between truth and lies. My thinking is clearer. I notice every muscle’s action and counteraction as I stretch. Movement is intentional. Every breath is deliberate. Filling my lungs with air, followed by exhaling as I stretch the muscle further. The discomfort and tightness I felt before the workout are absent. My muscles are fatigued from the exercises but are ready for the day.

Too Serious To Ignore

Last week marked 4 years since I worked full time as a registered nurse. There are days that I romanticize my time working with patients daily. Mostly on days when the kids aren’t listening and I feel of little importance because my kids keep me humble. My days at the bedside were fast and furious.…… Continue reading Too Serious To Ignore

Freedom From Fear Found in Love

Fear of being hurt and alone should not keep you from being committed to a community. Relationships may only last a season. And may cause pain at the end. But no matter how long the season, we can do great things together out of love for one another. It is in community that we flourish.

Rest and Adventure

I circle days on my calendar that are considered vacation. This is to make these particular days stand out. To remind me there is a day or group of days that life will follow a different rhythm. Hopefully a rhythm of rest. And possibly adventure. Rest and adventure? Those two things seem like opposites. How…… Continue reading Rest and Adventure

It didn’t work… but it’s not the end

To all the people who spend time exercising and eating well only to not see a shift on the scale or maybe the number bumped up. All the effort given but the goal is still out of reach. All the work put in but it still didn’t make a difference. The disappointment that hits when…… Continue reading It didn’t work… but it’s not the end

Keep it Simple

Consistently keeping it simple is how I maintain a wellness lifestyle. For years I told myself I just didn’t have the time or energy to eat well, exercise, sleep, maintain a relationship with God, or even really maintain relationships with other people. But what I stumbled upon, was I making everything way more dramatic and…… Continue reading Keep it Simple


Sustainable, I was told this is a coin word. Sustainable means to be able to maintain a certain rate or level. I will confess, the pace I have been running for the past few months is not sustainable. I can see this being reflected my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In an effort realign…… Continue reading Sustainability