It didn’t work… but it’s not the end

To all the people who spend time exercising and eating well only to not see a shift on the scale or maybe the number bumped up. All the effort given but the goal is still out of reach. All the work put in but it still didn’t make a difference. The disappointment that hits when…… Continue reading It didn’t work… but it’s not the end

Keep it Simple

Consistently keeping it simple is how I maintain a wellness lifestyle. For years I told myself I just didn’t have the time or energy to eat well, exercise, sleep, maintain a relationship with God, or even really maintain relationships with other people. But what I stumbled upon, was I making everything way more dramatic and…… Continue reading Keep it Simple


Sustainable, I was told this is a coin word. Sustainable means to be able to maintain a certain rate or level. I will confess, the pace I have been running for the past few months is not sustainable. I can see this being reflected my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In an effort realign…… Continue reading Sustainability

Caring for your self

Last year was an amazing year. I was really starting to see the positive effects from being intentional about taking care of myself. Mind-Body-Spirit. I wanted everyone to experience this! A close friend encouraged me to start a blog. To bring people along on the journey. What a journey this has been so far! I…… Continue reading Caring for your self

Be here

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be where your feet are?” This phrase had me pause everything the past week. I was listening to another person share this phrase and it struck me like a bus. “I am terrible at this!” I found myself in this exhausting cycle of thinking of the next thing to…… Continue reading Be here

What the heck is Self-Care?

A couple of weeks ago I was getting massage. This is what I always imagine as “Self-care.” It always seemed fancy and luxurious. I was being fancy! However, it was during this session that I realized I have not been fully practicing self-care in the way it should be done. The massage therapist told me…… Continue reading What the heck is Self-Care?

Why Food is important?

High protein, low fat, low carb, no carb, keto, paleo, Whole 30, clean eating. With the constant change in diets fads and names, how do you know what to eat? This is a pretty simple question that many have made more difficult. Food is fuel to your body. The science is each item is broken…… Continue reading Why Food is important?

My Heart Story

I was in my early teens the first time I remember my heart racing uncontrollably. I was terrified. I thought I was dying. I told my mom. We made an appointment with my pediatrician which then lead to an EKG (electrocardiograph). Of course, nothing was captured on that EKG. I was told to stay away…… Continue reading My Heart Story

Under Pressure

Last week I took my little girl for her 3 year check up. As a part of the check up, the medical assistant put a tiny little blood pressure cuff on her arm. And like my curious little girl always does she asks “Why?” At 3 she asks why about everything. I try to answer…… Continue reading Under Pressure