Freedom For All

Why this is important to me…

It is just an issue until you put a face with it. Many years ago, I was living my life. I was doing my work on being a good person. Getting involved in my community. But it was more of me showing up to check boxes. I had no idea what I was going to be met with. That is when she entered my life. A young woman who had escaped the world of human trafficking. She was young and beautiful. She had been forced into a dark, horrific world at a young age. She did not enter this world by choice. Instead of living in a world of fairytales and wonder as a child and young teen, she lived a literal nightmare. And even though she had escaped, the effects of those years were deeply imprinted in her every day life. She couldn’t escape her mind. I will never forget the fear she had in her eyes as she shared her story with me. Fear of rejection and betrayal. Her eyes were looking and longing for someone to love her for who she was- scars and all.

That day, my eyes were opened to the nightmare so many were living right in the middle of my everyday.

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