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I am Melissa Miller. I want to provide you with knowledge to live a life of wellness by being intentional with your daily decisions.

This website is created and maintained to educate and inspire you to live with intention to create a life of wellness. I am an RN, not an MD. I am not giving you personal medical advice. If you are need of medical advice, please speak to your personal physician.

Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, accepted and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, please do not use this website. Please also acknowledge that I have the right to modify the terms without notice, in which the amended terms apply immediately.

The terms and conditions apply to all users of the website.

I (Melissa Miller) am not here to give direct medical advice. Please contact your personal physician if you are seeking such advice. My intention is to give you education on disease processes and living an all around wellness lifestyle with potential health benefits. The words I write have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. I am not giving medical treatment options or diagnoses, these should only be given by your physician and medical team.


Please note that melamiller.com is a website that intends to give education on full spectrum of wellness. Topics discussed physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Physical, I will focus on eating to nourish and exercise. Mental, I will focus on thought patterns. Spiritual will be from a Christian perspective and will be about Jesus Christ.

This website will only be used for lawful purposes and visitors should only be seeking information regarding wellness as stated above.

Melamiller.com encourages visitors to comment on posts. However, this is a privilege and you are solely responsible for the comments. Please refrain from inappropriate comments. I have the right to your comments posted in this public forum. I also have the right to monitor and remove any comments at any time without notice.

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melamiller.com may contain links to external websites. These links are used to aid the visitor in the ease of citation or other websites they may be interested in. I do not control these external websites. The Terms and Conditions from melamiller.com will not apply once you have left the website. Upon clinking the external website link you are agreeing to that websites terms and conditions as disclosed.

Privacy Policy

I aim to protect your privacy online. Your contact information will be provided by you on a voluntarily. It will be used to notify you of blog posts, events, or products I create.

Your activity on the website in monitored strictly for purposes of serving my reader better.

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